Bengali Mishti Doi || Bhapa Doi || Mitha Dahi

mishti doi
mishit doi

Mishti Doi is a traditional Bengali dessert made with milk, sugar and curd. Mishti in Bengali means sweet and Doi means dahi, so its also called sweet Dahi. It is prepared by thickening milk by boiling until it is reduced to half in quantity.We can set this in two ways: First is to ferment the milk overnight and second one is to steam the mixture. Earthenware is preferred as a container to make mishti doi as it contains porous walls to thicken the yoghurt and provides right temperature for the growth of the culture. We can add cardamom flavour or kesar flavour for a fragrance.Sugar can be replaced with date molasses or jaggery.Do try this delicate sweetened curd that makes a great dessert.


1.Milk – 1 litre

2.Sugar – 3/4 cup

3.Curd – 1/4 cup


1.Boil 1 litre milk in a deep Kadai.

2.When it starts to boil, add 3/4 cup sugar to it.

3.Simmer the flame and reduce the milk to half.Let it rest for 8 minutes.

4.Caramelise 2 tbsp sugar with 1/2 cup water and stir till it get a golden brown colour.

5.Add lukewarm milk to caramelised sugar and mix well for 2 minutes.

6.Steam the mixture in a earthen handi or mould for 20 minutes.

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