Monthly Archives: October 2017

International Cuisine

Mongolian Beef

This is an easy recipe which can be made with less time and ingredients. I was searching for a different dish with beef and came through this recipe. So thought of trying this but gave a variety touch by adding some ingredients and precooking the beef before frying. My kids loved as the tastes...

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Besan Laddu

Diwali means festival of lights but foodies like me its festival of sweets. I really started enjoying Diwali celebration after reaching Mumbai.Most of the homes and buildings are decorated with lights and bakeries full of Diwali hampers packed with sweet and savory bites like Diwali fruit cake...

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At our home, we make this snack often because it was my dads favorite.The name itself brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood days where my mother tells us to cut one banana leaf to make Adas. My brother and I would run away with a knife to bring long leaf without tearing. We mostly...

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